Reflective Floor Treatments, inc. (RFT) is a concrete grinding and polishing company, specializing in residential and commercial floors and surface preparation.
Polished concrete is an attractive, highly durable, low maintenance and environmentally friendly floor system. In addition to the grinding and polishing process, floors can be customized with the upgrade of one or more concrete dye colors to further enhance your floor's appearance. Custom polished concrete floors can be created with the application of decorative concrete cuts, multiple dye color applications, and even permanent logos and art work.
RFT was founded by Nick Powell and his father, Chuck Powell.  Chuck enjoyed a long career in sales, marketing and management of several companies involved in heavy equipment and services industries.  He left the company in the great hands of his son, Nick.  Nick has over 20 years of experience in the concrete grinding and polishing industry.  He started with nationally recognized service providers as a technician, where he gained knowledge in all of the available services currently provided.  Reflective Floor Treatments’ goal is to provide the best available product and excellent service in the unique portion of the concrete grinding and polishing business they represent.