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Grinding and Polishing Your Concrete
Reflective Floor Treatments, Inc. is committed to providing the best and most professional services available within the industry.  Please be advised that every concrete pour is a little different from all others.  Factors affecting your concrete grinding and polishing operation include, and are not limited to, the original specifications for concrete ordered by your provider, weather at the time of pouring and finishing, and the actual finishing process utilized for your floors.

In some circumstances, your polished concrete floor will exhibit some very small imperfections, such as tiny holes or "vugs" in the polished surface.  Depending upon the hardness and condition of the "cap" of your concrete floor, and the level of service you have selected, most of the floor may have a more salt and pepper look, while portions of the floor may show more of an exposed aggregate finish, due to high spots left after the finishing process of the original concrete pour.  These small imperfections are more common in our basic level three grinding and polishing process.  This surface is generally acceptable for residential garage floors and most commercial applications for polished concrete, with or without dye colors.  These factors give your concrete floor its' own personality.

At additional cost, you may select services such as a "fully exposed aggregate" grind and polish, and upgrade to a fully repaired surface, including repairs of all small imperfections prior to final polish. 

In any case, you will receive a highly durable, high gloss, highly reflective and low maintenance concrete floor, which will serve your needs for many years.

If you have the advantage of planning ahead for a ground and polished floor, please contact us for concrete specifications which can be used during the construction process, and will help assure the most satisfactory results, no matter what level of service you have selected.

Please contact us to discuss the level of service you desire, and we will make every effort to provide the perfect concrete floor for your needs.

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