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The Grinding and Polishing Process

Reflective Floor Treatments, Inc. utilizes equipment and diamond tooling provided for the Superfloor* system.  Initial grinding is accomplished with the use of diamond tooling impregnated with coarse diamonds.  Depending upon the desired finished results, several steps of grinding may occur in the process.  In each step, diamonds tools of progressively finer structure are utilized to remove any scratches left by the previous step.  Even finer diamonds are used for the final polishing phases, bringing the concrete floor to a brilliant gloss level.  Final finish is achieved with the use of a machine equipped with a polishing pad impregnated with billions of microscopic diamonds.

Below is an example of much of the process, using a three-car residential garage as an example.

Before Grinding and Polishing - This floor had been coated with a commercial concrete sealer.
Initial grinding removes sealers and/or other coatings, and prepares the floor to accept further grinding and polishing operations.
After the first few steps of the grinding and polishing process, if the customer has selected this option, floor edges are hand tooled to blend with the overall floor appearance.
Since a dye color was selected for this floor, all walls and open edges are masked in preparation for the dye application.
At this point in the process, dye is applied to the floor.
Additional polishing segments and final pad polish result in this finished garage floor, enhanced with DCI Onyx (black) dye color.
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