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Environmental Considerations

Concrete polished by Reflective Floor Treatments, Inc. is an environmentally friendly floor system. Most buildings incorporate a concrete floor system in at least part of the construction process. There are many ways to create a finished concrete floor, most of which include products made from wood, petroleum and/or chemical compounds. Ground and polished concrete floor systems utilize the existing concrete slab to create a beautiful and durable floor surface.

Additionally, the gloss and reflectivity of a polished concrete floor will increase ambient light in a room by as much as 30%. This may allow the user to decrease the amount of artificial lighting provided in a room, which saves energy and decreases the usage of our natural resources.

Polished concrete floor surfaces can be maintained easily and inexpensively, without the use of chemical cleaning agents and/or polishing products. Most polished concrete is maintained with a soft broom or dust mop, along with a little wax-based floor sweeping compound made from recycled fibrous waste products.

High-traffic commercial and institutional polished concrete floors can be easily maintained with a buffing machine and a polishing pad impregnated with millions of microscopic diamonds. An example of these polishing pads is the Twister System*. This system, along with a little water, provides a beautifully maintained and brilliant floor finish for many years, and at a very low cost.

These environmental considerations have played a huge part in many homeowners' decisions to utilize polished concrete in living spaces, and many companies and institutions to opt for polished concrete over other surfaces.

*Twister is a registered trademark of HTC, Inc.

Go Green for the future.

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